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We handle your claim for you


Let us handle
your claim.

How it works
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We Review your policy and discuss with you what you are entitled to

After we receive your request, our specialists gets in touch with you over the phone or in person to discuss the full range and scope of your insurance policy to determine the benefits and coverage you are entitled to.

we develop an accurate detailed repair estimate

Working with our experienced team of adjusters, we examine the scope of damages to ensure accuracy. We then develop a plan most beneficial to you to ensure you receive the full amount of compensation due from your policy!

we provide damages & present a detailed account of loss

Our adjusters know that insurance isn’t just about damaged siding or a roof and we take that into account as we assist you getting back on your feet. We present a full scope of loss and damages the first time around. We strive to get you entirely everything you are entitled to the first time around.


we conduct a physical inventory and appraisal of all damaged personal property

Further than just accounting for the damaged building(s), we know you have valuable personal property. We work together to ensure our estimates include all aspects of your loss because we believe you deserve what you are rightly entitled to.

we present a fully documented claim on your behalf to the insurance company

Let us take the stress out of the claim process by dealing with the insurance companies for you. We know all of the tricks they try to use to keep your claim as low as possible, but there is no tricking us.

we deliver experts, when needed, to support your claim

We ensure that we are equipped to handle any situation thrown at us. We are backed by a national company of experts to ensure we have the expertise to assist you in your claim.

we negotiate the best possible settlement

Because the insurance companies try to save as much money as possible, it is best to have a third party representing you. We handle the claim and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring we will get the best possible settlement for you!