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Mastering Your Claim

  • Always keep original documents and pictures

  • Take lots of photos that clearly show damage

  • Get additional angles

  • Get wide shots and get in close

  • Photocopy/copy/backup everything

  • Seek help early-from us and aid agencies

  • Hire your own contractors/servic providers

  • Don't pay anything upfront

  • Never sign a release

  • Get detailed written estimates that spell out the scope of work

  • Check the backgroun dof contractors/companies

  • Ask for referrals, and check them

  • Do not rush repairs, only complete repairs once the claim is settled

  • Do not forget secondary damage like mold, smoke, water & vandalism

  • Do not rush you claim.

Seem like a lot to remember? Let an experienced 411 claims public adjuster help you!


Jeff Weiss